Tips for Singles from Relationship Coach Aileen Santos

In my years of coaching I have come across singles who tell me they’ve been “single since birth.”

Sometimes the women say they’re “NBSB” (no boyfriend since birth), or the men will say they’re NGSB (no girlfriend since birth).

Either way, what they’re doing is this: They’re giving themselves a label that has nothing to do with how wonderful they are.

Here some of the tips I want to share with these wonderful singles:

Guys Ask: “What if I seem to be no one’s type?”

Guys Ask:
“What if I seem to be no one’s type?”

In this episode of #FallInLoveFriday, #CoachAileenSantos gives men:

  • 3 insights into what makes men ask this question,
  • practical things they should start doing / realizing now to improve their dating situation, AND
  • 3 more actionable tips on how dating (for men) is like being in Sales… and what they can do to succeed. 😉

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Valentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day?

So February 14 is coming up, and people want to call it different things.

(And actually, this guy I know also pointed out that, in the Catholic tradition, this same day also happens to be Ash Wednesday this 2018.) ☺

It’s really interesting to see how different people react in different ways to the same day.

What’s even more interesting is that “February 14” is an innocent, unassuming day that has no idea why people are stressing over it more than other days. 😄

This is why I decided to explore this concept a little bit in this video:

Valentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day?

How about you? What are your plans for February the 14th?

How to ↓ the Stress and ↑ the Love this Valentine’s Day

Let’s ✖ the stress and ✔ the LOVE this coming Valentine’s Day!

Including timely tips for:
🚺 Women in Relationships
🚹 Men in Relationships, and
🚻 Singles on Valentine’s ❤

Enjoy the video!

Fall In Love Friday: What Stresses You About Valentine’s Day?

#FallInLoveFriday #CoachAileenSantos

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How to Meet More Potentials this 2018

If you’re single and you know you want to be in a happy relationship of your own, then you need to make it a point to meet more people. 

Not just “people,” but “people who have the potential to be more in your life.”

Here’s our video lesson about this: 

#FallInLoveFriday Episode: How to Meet More Potentials in 2018

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